Wednesday, February 24, 2010

IT'S BEEN 10 Months since I last blogged???

Good Evening, I read my blogs from last April...I cannot believe the changes in Haiti since then. They were so very poor with very little, and now have even less. Our April '10 Tea Speaker will be a lady who traveled to Israel in the Fall of 2008 with the Woman-to-Woman project. We will be anxious to hear about her trip--but am sure that Haiti will still be uppermost in our minds. Who would have guessed.

And, I wrote about SNOW in April...that is scary, we had our first snow of the season October 5, 2009, and then more snow in November, and we have not seen grass since then. (or mud)...and it is almost the end of February and the temperature is just at 1 degree. I know I have stayed in a lot this winter--sending my DH to the grocery store the majority of the time--but today, at this cold temp and 'gentle' breezes, I had to go get the stain for some of the wood trim I'm working on. I don't trust DH to get what I want...At last, I'm to three windows in the dining room and my office. But, ho, I still have the floor boards to do. I'm slow at this, but, this is all Lynn's hobby (our home) so it just draws his job out longer, and I don't have to worry about him being underfoot!!!

Our new guestroom, that I wrote about in April is just about finished...some trim around the door, and that will be it. I finished that up today.

I've been working on the simple little jumper/sundresses for the little girls...Ava and Piper are almost 6. I need to start birthday outfits for them! But, Hospice quilts are the big things that I'm working on right now. We have 8 cut out, and 4 sewn--we worked at a sewing gathering on Monday night. Along with the woodwork project going on right now...I'm keeping a little busy.

Ho...I noticed I also talked about Mr. Reece--he still isn't potty trained---he acquired a new brother in July and had a tonsilectomy/adn, etc in early September and was completely set back...and still is. I have promised to take him to Uncle George's for a 'horsey' ride when he decided to use the bathroom for all jobs all the time. He says, "we can go now, I'll use the potty at Uncle Georges"...HA

I hope I'm inspired to keep up with the blog more, post pics, etc....