Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I've thrashed my goals!

Do you remember, did you hear, do you know?  I made the pledge to myself--not like a resolution--to not purchase until I had sewed up the last purchase.  Does it count, will it matter if the fabric was fairly current, lovely designers, and selling for $3 a yard.  I could not believe the price, and ended up with lots for summer tops and shorts for the darling grand daughters.  I don't think there was any pj fabric for the boys in the lot. 

And, then, there is the dilemna of the sewing room...unfound respect for it...I emptied out the top drawer of all the miscellaneous clutter and started putting some of the patterns that rested in the box in the appropriate area of that drawer.

It is getting down to be winter weather here.  It feels like -8 here tonight.  I love it.  I had a surprise, we have a dusting of snow here on our hill in the woods...but I went to work on the far east side of town, and they actually had drifts of snow in front of the doors (where are the maintenance people to clean a decent path for us).  But it was beautiful, seeing just a bit of winter.

My new black short coat is plenty warm, and the collar stands up high around my head keeping it warm.  I've not found a cap to wear.  I think I have some...it is just a matter of remembering to put them on.  I have three new pair of gloves this winter.  One a black pair with texting fingers and thumbs, a plain dressier pair to wear with my lovely long black coat, and a black and white plaid to wear with my shorter black coat.  And, most times I go barehanded.  Haven't had to build the habit of all that this winter. 

My darling has not had to use his new tractor yet; he ordered a tank of diesel fuel this morning; and is set for blizzards.  We will see if that happens or not.  He also has new duds for winter, the winter we are not having.  Brand new insulated coveralls, two new heavy sweat shirts, etc...but where or where is the snow, the huge drifts dancing across the lawn, the frosty morns, the beautiful hoary mornings?  I suspect our humidity is very very low, so we won't have a frosty morn.

I made bacon jam last weekend.  Delicious...absolutely wonderful on bran muffins made with maple syrup.  My friends on this machine  make the very best food with the very best ingredients.  That bacon jam.....yummmmmmy.   My new fabric is all washed, dried and folded magnificiently in my laundry area/back entry.  You know, we didn't place a high priority on laundry room.  Just enough space for a stack washer and dryer--I now have a beautiful LG in RED, and a three shelved cart to hold the soaps, sprays, etc...as well as the bbq equipment. 

I sewed with friends all day...9 a.m. until 11:45 on Saturday, and from 7 a.m. to 3:30 on Sunday at Camp Foster in a cabin on the weekend.  What fun...we can't get too silly though, we had one man and one 12 year old quilting with us.  She loved it...told her mom she learned so much just listening to us.  So all was well!!!  I must remember to take pics of these things to share with you.  I worked on two different quilts--one appropriately wishful "Frosty Morn" by Darlene Zimmerman in beautiful blues and frosted silvery whites; and the other is a crazy star patch by Rosies Something....and the fabric by the Buggy Barn.  We drove back into the wheat fields to purchase the fabric for this and see the Buggy Barn--they are so well known...but it has went to their heads.  They had several customers from the midwest there that morning, and another from the east coast...and they could not be bothered to come say "hi" to us.  SHAME ON THEM!!!  One has to be there by 10 a.m. to see them; then they go back to their homes and studios.  I am still sad about that.  I do rant don't I?

Frosty Morn is very easy to put together, I just forgot one of the special rulers for it; and the other is more convoluted and many different blocks.  But it will be beautiful when finished.  It is done in Buggy Barn Sherbert.  We went there on our way to Alaska with Floyd and Gerry; so it is time to get it worked on some more!

Have a good week!!!  Whether it is hot, cold, steamy, or blowy......

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Sewing Room in Winter...needs

My sewing room...first, I should name it...A play on the words Rose Garden and Sewing Room...Second, it needs cleaned, organized, decorated, and most of all RESPECTED!!!  No my sewing room is not an inaniminate object...it is real and needs a good name. 

That sounds like five things that have needs to be done.  I started.  I did not take a picture.  Perhaps I should have, I think it will get worse before it gets better--Think, it already has.  cleaned out one corner last night.  This morning, my darlin' unearthed from the bellows of the overstuffed lower level my pattern cabinet.  Tonight, I shall go down and clean up that cabinet.  Perhaps should have put a fresh coat of paint...But, I'm hoping a good cleaning does it.  Then, unload the drawers.  That used to hold all my sewing supplies when my boys were small and I really sewed a lot.  I must have had the rule...sew it, then you may buy some more...(one instilled by my mom) in tune yet.  Now....something happened.  I digress...

So before I turn in tonight, I want the cabinet washed and cleaned out.  Tomorrow morning I can start sorting patterns.  Will I part with any?   I think not...But hopefully there will be organization to it all.  So, as I sort through the rest of my room, I can continue adding patterns. 

Question?  How many hours a day shall I delegate to cleaning, organizing and respecting that poor area...and IF I can still find my little nook...how much time can I sew.  Should I figure in hours and minutes, or percentages of time??? 

Pattern organization?  I think by sex, then item...Do I want 6 and under in one section and older girls in another, etc, etc.    I have sew many patterns.  That was almost my fetish this year, since I sorta put myself on a fabric diet.  (Unless, I was on a shop hop)

This year, I'm adopting the sew it before you buy more theory.  That does not count anything that in this house prior to January 1, 20121.  We shall see how that goes.  Course on those before mentioned fabric shop shop hops, there are absolutely no rules!!!

A picture?  not yet....Maybe tomorrow after The Pattern Cabinet is finished.

I love Sivjes chair.http://goosegirlsews.blogspot.com/2011/11/new-slipcover-for-goosegirls-sewing.html..Goosegirl, I love the ruffle and hearts.  That will be the last thing for my room.  That darned office upholstery is so strong.  I need new wheels though.  That should be an adventure.  And, I won't do curtains...however, I do have some nice twill light and summery looking with a narrow stripe on a cream almost white.  I could do a little topper of some sort.  Something airy.