Thursday, April 30, 2009

April is over`

I cannot believe that I wrote first early in April...a ton of things have happened...snow, wind, rain, and the corn is planted! How is all that possible in just a few short days?

I went to a ho-hum quilt was delightful, but too many students in the class. Imagine 27 women, and some needing help from 1 instructor. I don't think this was fair to the instructor, or to us who paid so much for the two days. She was a delight...but just was spread way to thin by the promoters.

But, it is always fun to go to these quilt things, one learns much, and the adult slumber parties are great fun! The bedrooms are far away from the activity so if one wants to sleep, she can.

I've not shared this blog with anyone...We have cleaned up some of the flower beds, but the vegetable garden is not at all ready to plant; however, Lynn planted two more apple trees, asparagus, some flowers and raspberry bushes. He has gotten much more done than that a surprise--he wouldn't know how to blog though! He also put down the bamboo floor in one of the guest rooms. It looks wonderful, he is now working on white woodwork. Lovely romantic bedroom is the design for this one.

We spent the weekend with Reece in Des Moines along with his parents. Mr. Reece turned three on Sunday. We had a rainy day birthday party on Saturday--his parents hosted about 30 or so adults and children to a "Movie & popcorn" themed party. What wonderful new toys this little guy received...I finished up a truck quilt for him for his naptime blanket for his new room. Then his Mommy requested a new blanket for his new pre-school. We concurred that Carz or something like that would be nice, and I told her I would take Reece fabric shopping on Monday and he could pick out his fabric for his quilt. We saw Carz, we saw Police Cars, we saw airplanes, all with great excitement, then overjoyed he yelled Grandma--train tracks...and next thing he saw was a bolt with antique trains, and exclaimed as he was pulling the bold off the shelf "this is it, this is the one" and promptly took it to a lady that was just waiting for him!!! So it will be antique trains, red sashing, railroad track will be fun. I think we will have it about ready to sew when he comes to visit in a couple weeks. Then, he can help me with the easy seams. Not hard to just push a button--just have to watch those little fingers! He will be the 3rd little boy to sew on my baby lock think it is so great to see that process occuring.

Good night, Retirement Luncheon at the college will be good to see some of the faces from the past that we so dearly love!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hmmmm, I may get the hang of this, it is so difficult to figure out how to blog or more correctly to post a blog.

This is a new screen so we shall see what happens. It has really been a lazy day--I have not made it downstairs to sew...we got up this morning to little "blizzard" and that was not a blizzard...we had a bit of heavy snow gathered on the trees, looked like the hoarfrost. So off to church, and a good lunch at the hospital with our friends. We sat and sat and talked, I think it was good for all of us. Just fun, nothing deep....the deepest was talking about prostrate cancer or any cancer and the staging and grading. Lynn goes in a couple weeks or so for his PSA test--we just know it will be a low number.

The most amazing sight with the snow outside our bedroom window is a small tree, and next to it about 3/4 of the way up there was a tube of snow hanging in mid air...appeared to be just hanging and occasionally swinging in the breeze free form. I'm can't say it was attached unless it was a hair like thread in mid air.

We missed all the widows at church...most of them sit behind us in the last row; and we finish out the 2nd pew...but here we were Matt, his wife, Matthew James, Diane and Jim behind us, and our friends the Andersons with Melissa and 3 of her children--totally different atmosphere!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Storms a brewin' in Iowa

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, it is always such a wonderful time in church. All the youth, toddlers and up parade around the Sanctuary Praising Jesus--swinging the Palm Branches! What a wonderful start to a glorious service, we have lovely banners proclaiming the beginning of Holy Week--and we have to catch them tomorrow or else they are gone by Easter Morn... More importantly, tomorrow is the DAY that some of the youth make the decision to accept Christ into their Hearts and become "members" of the chURch. I always think that an odd practice--most have accepted, but perhaps not publicly admitted, their love for Jesus a multitude of times...and most have been Members of our congregation from the beginning of their time!

But...alas, we may miss Palm Sunday in the quiet Sanctuary, but instead begin the prelude of Christ's last week on Earth at home, celebrating, remembering in the midst of a blizzard.

We had visitors this weekend: two ladies, Ann and Mary, came to be at our Spring Tea at Church. Mary spoke about her adventure as a Woman-to-Woman participant in Haiti. Her talk and slides were wonderful. Certainly made me more than thankful when I turned on the faucet at church after the tea in preparation to wash dishes...and again when I came home, got a drink of water, or more so when I heard my grandson flush the toilet. He is almost three, and is working on this new adventure in his little life--getting potty trained--he is really good...after many efforts he announced "I went poop, I earned some jelly beans" He had spotted the thankyou gift from Ann on the dresser!!!! He is a sweety!!! And, of course, I'm a doting grammy!!! Reece was here with his Mommy and Daddy for the day...they hurried back home to beat the weather; but we spent a lovely afternoon with the 3 of I'm going to go cozy up to my sewing machine for the duration of this snow!