Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pictures of actually doing first task

Hello,  I was remiss in not doing some pictures for all of you to follow along with.  I am such a visual learner, I'm not sure why I did that.  Just new to writing tutorials:

This is one of the fabrics I have selected.  Notice the ravelly edge.  I could have avoided a lot of this had I made a little cat-ear cut at each of the four corners before laundering.    If I have a small piece of fabric, I do not prewash...just because most of it will be lost in the washer and dryer;  I just spray starch and press very carefully in an up and down motion so you do not lose the integrity of the straight cut of the fabric.  You do not use the motion you use when pressing clothing.

Here are the fabrics I selected to start the quilt...since this is strictly stash, I may add more pieces as I go along trying to keep some of the first selection for the last borders blocks of a quilt.

They all neatly starched and ironed.  My focus fabric is at the bottom and is a sweet little block print with teddies.  This quilt will most likely end up in the community Christmas project.

I am straightening the width of my focus fabric.  Note the placement of my hand.  I have "walked" my hand along with the ruler as I cut.  This helps it stay stable.    (see the white masking tape on my ruler...don't use white...use the blue painters tape.  Old white tape does not peel off very well)

I placed the folded edge even with a measure line on my cutting board...trying to maintain an even edge and not running kitty rompus
Next, I trim the selvedge off...maintaining the straight integrity...I have placed the width straight on a line on my cutting I will have a perfectly even edge.

I also like to make sure the line that I'm cutting on is at the same measure mark at the beginning as it is at the end of the strip of fabric.

But, in trimming this selvege, do you see what I blade is not working is dull and did not cut through all the layers.   Very carefully, replace the blade.  Do pay attention so you make sure you put the whole rotary cutter back together in the proper order.  That new blade is very sharp...And, you can have the old one sharpened...inquire at your local quilting shop.  I tape up my old blades in the original cardboard and plastic carton.  My new package contains 5 blades.

I am measuring the focus fabric, very carefully at 14 1/2 inches.

 Here, you will see the blue painters tape on my ruler marking two inches.  That is the size of blocks I want to cut from the two inch strips of  fabric.  I start with the blue tape at the left edge of the fabric, and move it up without disturbing the fabric, so the blue edge is on another two inch cutting line. the left you see the cut squares, the third set is separated to see the stack of fabrics I cut.

Can you believe is the focus fabric, the strip of border fabric, and the next border of squares. 

See you in the morning with sewing pictures and Darlene Zimmerman's tip on sewing seams....

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everythingsewing said...

I will have to read over it again but thank you so much for pictures I am such a visual learner.