Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Morning….This is a test to see if I can use a word document to create my blog with pictures…and then just copy and paste to the blog…just so I don’t have to spend so many $$$$ keeping my journal up as we travel.

This is a rather poor picture of an absolutely beautiful jacket we saw in one of those learning centers in Alaska. Note: I selected this pic as I wish I had a warm fur coat on this morning…it is brrrrrr cold here…and will be at least 90 when we land in Cairo next week.   

PS  I could could copy and paste but the picture didn't come with it....I had to go back and add that.  Does anyone have hints for me?


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everythingsewing said...

No hints but hope you get some from someone. I can copy and paste but have to go back and add pictures.