Monday, January 9, 2012

The Sewing Room in Winter...needs

My sewing room...first, I should name it...A play on the words Rose Garden and Sewing Room...Second, it needs cleaned, organized, decorated, and most of all RESPECTED!!!  No my sewing room is not an inaniminate is real and needs a good name. 

That sounds like five things that have needs to be done.  I started.  I did not take a picture.  Perhaps I should have, I think it will get worse before it gets better--Think, it already has.  cleaned out one corner last night.  This morning, my darlin' unearthed from the bellows of the overstuffed lower level my pattern cabinet.  Tonight, I shall go down and clean up that cabinet.  Perhaps should have put a fresh coat of paint...But, I'm hoping a good cleaning does it.  Then, unload the drawers.  That used to hold all my sewing supplies when my boys were small and I really sewed a lot.  I must have had the it, then you may buy some more...(one instilled by my mom) in tune yet.  Now....something happened.  I digress...

So before I turn in tonight, I want the cabinet washed and cleaned out.  Tomorrow morning I can start sorting patterns.  Will I part with any?   I think not...But hopefully there will be organization to it all.  So, as I sort through the rest of my room, I can continue adding patterns. 

Question?  How many hours a day shall I delegate to cleaning, organizing and respecting that poor area...and IF I can still find my little much time can I sew.  Should I figure in hours and minutes, or percentages of time??? 

Pattern organization?  I think by sex, then item...Do I want 6 and under in one section and older girls in another, etc, etc.    I have sew many patterns.  That was almost my fetish this year, since I sorta put myself on a fabric diet.  (Unless, I was on a shop hop)

This year, I'm adopting the sew it before you buy more theory.  That does not count anything that in this house prior to January 1, 20121.  We shall see how that goes.  Course on those before mentioned fabric shop shop hops, there are absolutely no rules!!!

A picture?  not yet....Maybe tomorrow after The Pattern Cabinet is finished.

I love Sivjes chair., I love the ruffle and hearts.  That will be the last thing for my room.  That darned office upholstery is so strong.  I need new wheels though.  That should be an adventure.  And, I won't do curtains...however, I do have some nice twill light and summery looking with a narrow stripe on a cream almost white.  I could do a little topper of some sort.  Something airy. 

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everythingsewing said...

I would love to see pictures of how your decorating turns out. I am in the middle of organizing my sewing room and I bet I find lots of tips from you.